Find Your Focus
Module Six:

Module 6: The boundaries you set for your Focus

As before, take some time to review previous days, your Ideal Day, your Flow, your Why, your Values and your Motivations.

Boundary conditions

Boundary conditions are the limits to the Values you will include in your Focus - at what point is there too little or too much of something for it to really satisfy you fully.


We'll start with what absolutely must be included in your Focus. These positive boundaries tend to be quite general, things like an ability to contribute, or challenge. The point here is to identify what is the minimum level of each value that needs to be present in your Focus.


At the negative boundary, it means this gets excluded from your focus. Usually, negative boundaries are more specific, and it's easier to come up with examples of what's just beyond the boundary.


An internal boundary relates to, or affects just you and requires action only from you - Values like 'excitement' or 'challenge' - what is the point at which there wasn't enough of these?


External boundaries relate to or affect others, or are a result of others' actions. So these boundaries are about the behaviour you expect, or will tolerate, from others

Chosen boundaries

OK, it's pen and paper time again. For at least each of your top 5 Values, identify where the boundary conditions lie. Don't take too long over this exercise, the boundaries will normally be quite clear once you start thinking about them.

That's it, that's the final step

Tomorrow, Day 7 we'll put it all together

So, until tomorrow, well done!