Guest Blogging Guidelines

I am always interested in having additional viewpoints on TheBusyFool.  If your approach to life and work is aligned with mine, and you have something to add for our audience, I would love to hear from you

If you would like to add your thoughts to TheBusyFool, please send an email following the guidelines below to

Please don't submit a full blog yet, that's not good use of your time if we decide the fit isn't quite right.

  • Website URL

    It is important that guest bloggers have a similar outlook, so please let me know your website or blog URL so I can go take a look

  • Your Audience

    What sort of people read your blog or are on your mailing list?  How many contacts are on your list, and in your Social Media followers?  (I am less worried about the size of your list, more about your audience appreciating your blog being on TheBusyFool)

  • Synergy

    How does having your blog on TheBusyFool add value to your audience, and how does it add value to TheBusyFool’s readers?

  • Blog Subject

    What would your first guest post be about, and how does that link in to one of the key concepts in TheBusyFool – ‘Busy Fool to Busy Cool’ (doing more with less) & ‘Joyful Genius’ (getting well paid for work you love)?

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I look forward to hearing from you with your ideas

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