How to be completely in your element
and love what you do every day of every week

How would you feel if you were always at your best?
How would you feel to add massive value for others?
How would you feel to be always living your purpose?

The Secret of Happiness …

… is to know what you do when you are at your very best, when you feel alive and alight, when you just know you’re doing what you’re on the planet to do – when you get to live your true purpose.

And then do more of it!

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Purpose of life imageHave you ever noticed …

… how some people always work with a smile, they carry that look of effortless confidence, seem totally at ease and appear to know exactly what they’re doing all the time.  If you ask them they’d probably say they love what they do (some might even say they’d do it without the pay).

It’s because they’re in their element … they’ve discovered their calling, what they’re really good at.  And boy does it show!  They don’t show off about it but everyone notices.  Just like you did with the person you were thinking of.

Sadly, far too many don’t live and work in their element. They haven’t found their essence, their Core Being.  And that can mean so much frustration and a feeling of disengagement from what they do for a living … essentially, being miserable in their work and missing out on all the achievement and success they know they are capable of.

I want to help more people work in their element … Which is why I use this powerful and insightful process

Ruby McGuire Ruby McGuire, Live Your Life In Colour

... This enables you to have great realisations and gain real clarity ... fascinating, really insightful and acts as a very useful guide in my life/business.

Sue Plumtree Sue Plumtree, The Life Enhancing Coach

What an eye opener our session to identify my Core Purpose through your Core Process was! ... Now those words guide me and my choices. I even get insights through them that I hadn’t expected!

What the Core Being programme will give you:

How would you like to have true confidence about what you do to give your inspired value to the world, the larger reason you are even on the planet, and how you consistently bring your optimum brilliance into play? The life-changing Core Being programmes are carefully designed to reveal the essential secrets of what you are doing when you are at your absolute best, when you are alive and alight, when you are in your own unique unstoppable flow.

Everyone has a buried talent that only comes to the surface when you are creating true magic in the world. Using a powerful combination of stories, facilitation and coaching, the programmes liberate the fundamental power that lies at the very core of your being that supports you in creating your special mark in the universe.

The 3 elements of your infinite Core Being:

Your Core Process sums up that thing you do when you’re completely in the zone, and creating massive value in the world. And loving every moment! This is the 'What' of your Core Being, and is concerned with your unique value and talent in the world - Andrew’s is “Encouraging Potential”

Your Core Purpose is the big overall goal your personal Core Process is there to help you achieve. This is the 'Why' of your Core Being, and is all about finding your purpose and passion in the world - it is very personal and often only means anything to you - so we won't share Andrew's here!

Your Core Practice is the way you interact with other people and the world to deliver your Core Process. It is the practical 'How' element of your Core Being, it relates to your tribe and how you serve them - Andrew's is 'Connecting with People'

These 3 elements represent the infinite flow of Why and How you deliver your unique value to others and become energised by your work in the world

What is Core Being & how do we discover it?

Core Being is available in your choice of formats:

  • ESSENTIAL: discover the essence of your at your very best with your Core Process, Core Purpose & Core Practice
  • ELEMENTAL: add 3 months of regular implementation coaching to fully integrate your Core Being into work and life
  • EXPONENTIAL: a highly pragmatic 12m programme to help you leverage maximum acheivement from your Core Being

Core Being is suitable for:

  • Employees: who are feeling frustrated and disconnected from their daily work
  • Executives: who have lost a sense of meaningful direction and fulfillment in their career
  • Entrepreneurs: who are seeking a genuine purpose in the business they are building

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in touch with the very essence of you at your absolute best ...
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