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Core Purpose

Having discovered what it is you are doing when you are completely in your flow, the next step is to discover the Core Purpose that lies behind it, the reason why you do your Core Process.

Core Purpose is generally done in the same session as Core Practice, and together they take 2-3hrs.  The session can be face-to-face or over the phone or Skype, and by the end you will know exactly Why your Core Process is so important to you, and the specific things you can seek to do that will allow you to do it more of the time.

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Uncovering your Core Purpose:

This is an utterly uplifting – and more than a little scary – experience. Your facilitator will guide you to realise your Core Purpose, using a unique process of questioning and exploring that opens up possibilities so that you can truly accept and own your individual reason for being here in the world. Why is that scary – well, once you know your Core Purpose, you have to go do it!

Core Purpose is always done in a session with Core Practice (known internally as CP 2.0), and can only be done after Core Process – we recommend at least 2-4 weeks afterwards, to allow your Core Process to ‘bed in’. Many people have left it months before advancing to Core Purpose, and even after long a gap have got immense value from the deeper understanding and purpose it provides.

The combined session takes about 2-3 hours – and like Core Process, we keep going until we find something that truly resonates for you.

Already know your Core Process?

If you have already done your Core Process, and would like to enhance the value you are already getting by adding an understanding of Why it is so important to fulfilling your potential and How you best deliver your unique value, please get in touch to discuss adding the remaining two elements of Core Being.

Each person is different, so we will design a programme that truly suits your needs.  Typically, we do our best to keep the total you end up paying to little more than if you had booked in for the full Core Being right from the start.  Just email with your details and someone will get back to you.

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