• Working too hard for the results you’re not achieving?

  • Wish you knew where to focus your precious time, effort, money & resources?

    Wish you knew where to focus precious time, money, effort & resources? – See more at: https://andrewhorder.com/services2#sthash.6yAD2506.dpuf
    Wish you knew where to focus precious time, money, effort & resources? – See more at: https://andrewhorder.com/services2#sthash.6yAD2506.dpuf
  • Want to find balance in your work and in
    your life?

If that's you, then ...

Focus Coaching is for you!

  • Your first step

    The first step is always a 45-minute Strategy session by phone or Skype. My purpose and passion is to see people getting focused on what’s going to make the difference for them, what’s going to see them loving what they do for a living and making a living doing what they love, and I only work with people I absolutely know I can help.  The strategy session is only £99 (about $150), and it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee

Sound Good To You?

Because I absolutely believe we all have the right – a duty even – to find joy in our work, and because I have literally thousands of hours experience in corporates and small business, that means that when people work with Andrew Horder Coaching, not only do they get the results they truly deserve, they also love the process of getting there.

Book in for your strategy session right now:

We all deserve to spend our working days on things we love to do.  Your Focus Coach works with you to understand what it is that makes your work enjoyable and profitable – for YOU

What you will get from your coaching:

  • Your Core Process – what you do at your very best
  • Your talent – where your passion meets a need
  • Who are the people you add maximum value for
  • Who will happily pay you well for doing what you love
  • Ongoing guidance to stay on course for your success
  • Make a living doing work you would gladly do for free

The main tools in the Busy Fool toolbelt work together to create a sustainable and authentic course for you to follow - you've probably heard my favourite phrase: "FOCUS: Follow One Course Until Successful".

We start with a Talent Dynamics profile to get to grips with your path of least resistance.  That's followed by Core Process - a delightful method of understanding what it is you're doing when you're at your very best.  Then we can use Opportunity Matrix to work out which projects and opportunities are best suited to your Core Process.  And finally, we design a course for you to follow, to deliver your maximum value to the world while working in your flow and in your joy.

The end result is:

You spend your days doing only the work you love and do better than anybody else

Ready To Get Going?

Because I absolutely believe that you deserve to find joy in your work, because I am totally committed to your success, and because I have complete faith in you to realise your full potential in the world, that means it’s time to make your start on achieving joy and success in your work and your life – just click on the button below to book your strategy session NOW

Still like to know more? Good, just click on these links, get more information about each aspect of the coaching, and decide which is the right focus for you.

to get a handle on which roles you most naturally play in teams

to understand what you're on the planet to do, what you do best.

to work out which opportunities are going to be best for YOU

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