Find Your Focus
Day 2: Your "Flow"

Did you enjoy Day 1? I hope so, because your first task is to re-read your account of that perfect day, and really get into it. Go on, do that now, before you continue.

Module 2: Finding your Joyful Genius

What Flow gives you

You have this life that makes up your vision, your perfect day, because you’ve been spending your time on work you adore, and that you are superb at doing. Now, from that position of being completely associated into your perfect day, turn around, and look at all the things you have been doing to create this wonderful world.


Here are some of the main features to look for in Flow, the things that tell you this is work that really represents you at your very best.

  • Time stands still – you lose track of time
  • Tasks and activities – not job titles
  • Golden moments – you feel privileged to be doing them
  • Total absorption – you forget everything else

Think about what tasks or types of work have you been doing as you have been building up to your perfect day, that have felt that way to you.

Define your Ideal Work

Right, now you've considered all the elements that make up your ideal work, it's time to define what it is for you. This isn't something for other people, it only has to mean something to you. We're not talking about a job title, or an industry, what you're looking for is the specific things that you are actually doing when you are totally in your flow. Remember, we’re at the time of your perfect day now, and it is because you've been doing these things that have led you to your perfect day. Really get into it - and once again, add into the picture how you are feeling as you do your ideal work, the fascination, the total absorption, and what other emotions are you experiencing?

OK, time to start writing, to get down on paper how being in your Flow looks, sounds and feels, right now

See you tomorrow!