Opportunity Matrix™ is the tool I developed to help clients work out which ideas and opportunities are going to be the best for them – the ones that will really take them where they want to go with their business or career.

There are far too many people  just “going through the motions” with their work – it doesn’t really light them up, and they’re stuck in a rut.  So they’ll never be great at what they do.

And there are far too many people who absolutely adore their bright new idea and they love pursuing it … and it will never make them proper money.  So they’ll never get wealthy doing what they’re great at.

Opportunity Matrix™ helps you pick the right opportunities for you, the ones that answer my two “big business questions”:

  • How much do I want to do this?
  • Will I make any money at it?

Everything else is just detail – the marketing plans, operational structures, finance, accounting – all irrelevant if you don’t really want to do it or it’s not going to make you serious money.

Make best use of your precious TIME, MONEY, EFFORT & RESOURCES – quickly identify your best opportunities … and start making progress with your business.

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Here’s a quick explanation of why I created Opportunity Matrix™