Find Your Focus
Day 3: Your "Why"

In Day 2, you identified what the work you absolutely adore looks like - and sounds and feels like. Today you're going to understand why you love it.

Module 3: The Purpose behind your Focus

Today you're going to understand why you love it - but first review Days 1 & 2, fully associate into your perfect day and your ideal work.

What your Why is

This will help you identify the activities that you not only enjoy, but they also leave you feeling fulfilled. If you're very lucky, they are exactly the same as being in your Flow. For many, it's a subset of that, the parts that give you that shiver down the spine that tells you it's something really important, to others as well as to you.

There are three major facets of your Why:


What roles do you feel most fulfilled in? We're not talking about job titles, we're looking at a much higher level.
Individual roles might include: Spiritual, Philosopher, Intellectual, Researcher, Action-man
Group roles might include: Parent, Teacher, Guide, Guru, Team-mate, Supporter


What do people do, how do they respond, that makes this role fulfilling for you? That might include: enlightenment (when they ‘get it’), gratitude, praise – is there anything else?


What are the reasons behind your fulfilment, why does this work fulfil you or give you a buzz? Most people's reasons for being fulfilled by work fall into what I call the 5 F's:

  • Fame
  • Fortune ($£€'s)
  • Facilitation (helping others)
  • Flowering (personal growth)
  • Fire (a cause)

Your Why?

OK, now it's pen and paper time again. Go back through all those questions, and write down your description and definition of what represents “Why?” for you.

Right, get writing, and remember - Have fun!