There is nothing better than working in a committed, supportive team where everyone is all pulling in the same direction – all motivated by the same Vision, Values and Mission.  That’s when true Team Magic can occur!

TEAM MAGIC performance coachingThe Team Magic program starts with agreeing a Mission for the team, and the basic rules about getting there.  Each team member identifies their individual genius through Core Process, allowing them to understand how they add the most value to the world (and the team, of course).

Talent Dynamics allows each individual to see what role in the team is their personal path of least resistance, and how that fits in with their team-mates, resulting in much greater levels of Flow and Trust within the team.  Going through Opportunity Matrix™ as a team quickly surfaces any differences in criteria and assumptions, and allows a common set of Values to be agreed.

The team then negotiates and agrees a Core process for the team as a whole, the team’s combined genius that makes it so powerful a force for change.  And finally, a shared Vision is created, one that every member can believe in, and that creates the motivation and magic that can only flow from a truly aligned and committed team.

So that’s the what, here’s the why – after putting your team through Team Magic:

  • Your team is fully aligned with a common Vision, Mission and Values
  • The team members experience massively greater Trust and Flow
  • Create a culture of support and expression of joyful genius
  • Enjoy performance improvements of up to 200%

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