What people say about working with me ...

Andrew has helped me in various of my business ventures since 2009. He has always delivered consistently brilliant results (way above my expectations) to time scales and at a great value for money price. What Andrew doesn't know about business is not worth knowing. I am a raving fan of "The Busy Fool". Opportunity Matrix, which Andrew created himself, is a fantastic tool for small business owners like myself in identifying what activities we should be focusing on, and Talent Dynamics and Andrew's debriefs have been invaluable to me in selecting my team, for my coaching business, and are instrumental in deciding whether I enter into a Joint Venture. I am approached at least 3 times a month to join a Joint Venture and I wouldn't even consider that opportunity unless the proposer has their Talent Dynamics evaluated, with Andrew, and then shares them with me. Whether you're looking for business coaching, or wanting to identify what you need to do in your career to do a job you are passionate about; or whether you want to identify your Core Process, and where the talents you possess that you are passionate about, you should hire Andrew. I have, many times, and will continue to do so. And those of you that know me well know that I only recommend people who I know are utterly brilliant at what they do - Andrew is one of the few. Thank you Andrew for all you have done for me and my businesses. I look forward to continuing to work with you for at least the next 25 years.

Jules Cooper
Jules Cooper Coaching & Training

Andrew is a man of sincerity and integrity, he is interesting and interested, he listens fully before coming up with an absolute nugget of a discerning reflection or distinction...and he does so with a heart-felt twinkle in the eye! His blog 'The Busy Fool' shares invaluable insights from the personal investments of research, experience, intellect and a healthy dose of humour. His business projects always represent him - a man of values, value and service. I am grateful to know him and highly recommend.

Richard Bellars
Beyond Winning

Andrew is a pleasure to know and work with. I completely trust his insights into, and feedback on, business planning and prioritisation. A very valuable member of my network.

Stuart Beattie
Black Opal Systems

Andrew's coaching enabled me to overcome a personal limit in the way I was thinking which was holding me back in moving my business to the next level. His insightfulness was invaluable and he helped me to see things in a new way. This has been of enormous help to me personally in being able to grow my business. Andrew is generous with his knowledge and has a very nice manner, too. If anyone's stuck with their business, I'd recommend Andrew wholeheartedly. He helped me achieve a shift that I know will pay dividends in the future.

Beth Burgess
Smyls Coaching & Consulting

I had a 45 minute session with Andrew after meeting him briefly at an event. He helped me get clarity about the issue I had at the time. He first spent time getting to know the problem I was struggling with then through his questions I came up with solutions which I could implement into my business straight away. He also provided me with suggestions which allowed me to get out of a situation I felt stuck in. Andrew is very approachable and easy to work with. Thank you very much Andrew!

Beatrix Schmidt
Health and Wellbeing Consultant

I was very pleased indeed to discover that I am a Creator and that this was not being fully utilised by the way I was working in my business. I was forcing myself to do all the admin work and leaving little or no time for my creative talent. I have since engaged my book keeper to do more of my accounting and also in the process of hiring a virtual PA to do a lot of the admin that was cramping my flow. I look forward to the coming months and the positive effects this change brings. Thank you for bringing this to my attention, it has been hugely useful and I'm sure bring great success.

Suzy Pool
Suzy Pool Coaching

Andrew provided sound advice and sound methodology, based on many years of sound practical experience. Highly recommended.

Ges Ray
Speaking In Public

I would like to leave a very positive review of my recent call with Andrew. I had some deep and probing questions to answer relating to my business which was very useful helping me focus more clearly on the things that matter. Thank you. Stewart Cormack

Stewart Cormack
Wake Up To Wealth

Sessions with Andrew are always thought provoking, I have learned so much about time management, prioritising etc. Life skills I could have done with twenty years ago!! In addition to helping me with my business. So many people have told me that I have grown in confidence, I do put it down to the coaching I have had with Andrew.

Olwen Capper
Moonstone Therapies

I had the pleasure of attending Andrew’s workshop ‘Discover your Joyful Genius’. In this workshop Andrew leads you gently through a process of self-discovery so you can begin to understand and articulate what it is that you uniquely bring to the world.  I appreciated Andrew’s patience, support and facilitation so that we could benefit from what others (in the group) could see, hear and then name your genius aspects: ones you did not know or never appreciated. At the end of the day, I came away with a great deal more clarity and steps to move forward.

Riana Avis
The Baobab Way

I’ve just had a 45 minute session with Andrew and now feel raring to go. With his unique approach of pertinent questioning and well placed silences, he focussed my mind and allowed me pinpoint my own pitfalls. He then offered enlightened suggestions for improvement and I had a couple of light bulb moments to say the least. Having somebody who can see your skills when you’ve been hiding them under a bush or have lost confidence is a great boost. He gave me very practical advice which I’ll certainly implement. I’d highly recommend Andrew without hesitation to anyone who has any business issues that need resolving. Onwards and upwards. Thanks Andrew.

Jill Bristow
Jill Bristow Photography

Andrew took me under his wing and has mentored me by challenging my business and thinking processes. Andrew loves concepts, how systems and structures work, and how to enable them to be more effective. He does this through a clever combination of an wholistic overview and an incisive insight of specifics. I have no idea how Andrew does this but, it is a truly effective process that can only follow a clarity of thought and a determined kindness to enable individuals and organisations to flourish.

Benn Abdy-Collins
Transitions Mentor

60 minutes through the wringer with Andrew leaves you mentally exhausted but clearly focussed. He knows how to extract the key information required to enable an accurate assessment of your situation, and importantly, he is not distracted by Client confusion. This is good because the end product is the right advice that offers a solution to the kernel of your problem. Highly recommended.

David Thatcher
The Translations Desk

I worked with Andrew on Core Process. He spends time getting to know you, to understand the key areas and then hones in on the detail. He gently challenges you and really listens intently, giving you the space to process information. This enables you to have great realisations and gain real clarity. Andrew is fun to work with, which is always an added bonus! I would highly recommend him to anyone and the process too, it's fascinating, really insightful and acts as a very useful guide in my life/business.

Ruby McGuire
Ruby McGuire - Live your life in colour

What an eye opener our session to identify my Core Purpose through your Core Process was! What I particularly appreciated was that, even when I thought we'd got it, you felt there was still more work to be done. And, as it turned out, you were absolutely right! The minute we put those two words together I knew that was exactly my purpose!

Now those words guide me and my choices. I even get insights through them that I hadn't expected!

Sue Plumtree
The Life Enhancing Coach

I attended one of Andrew's Focus on Your Success workshops and I found it extremely valuable. It has really helped me understand my strengths and I've got to the real root of what motivates me and how I can go about creating the best environment for me to 'flow' and for my business to flourish.

The workshop also covered some simple yet very effective ways to focus and to avoid distractions - perfect for any procrastinators!

Louisa Pini
Just Be Natural Skincare