One of the big things about avoiding being a Busy Fool, is avoiding trying to do the things you’re not so good at. Talent Dynamics is a profiling tool developed to understand where and how each person most easily adds value to a team.  It is particularly aimed at helping entrepreneurs & executives put together a team that covers all the styles needed to create a winning organisation (for entrepreneurs, there is also the closely related Wealth Dynamics profile, which can help put together your founding team).

I use it to help clients to understand where to focus their own time and effort, and to find the team members who will best support them in creating a powerful and sustainable business.

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Talent Dynamics profiles

Talent Dynamics Profile Test

As a Talent Dynamics “Trader” myself, I am very concerned with getting the timing right, and with fairness in the team.  I can usually see where, and when, a deal makes sense and can create a triple-win outcome – and I can see when the timing or the balance is wrong, too.  Michelle at TDHQ wasn’t remotely surprised that it took me 18 months or so to decide the time was right to get my TD Flow Consultant accreditation!

Talent Dynamics Square

My particular view of each profile

1. Creator – the ideas person
+ve: always coming up with new ideas; sees innovation everywhere
-ve: moves on before they’re finished (or even half-started)

2. Star – the “front-man”
+ve: loves to be the centre of attention, great for promoting ideas
-ve: can be focused on themselves and how they stay in the limelight; can be aloof

3. Supporter – the team-builder
+ve: great with people and a good leader, ideal CEO or team leader
-ve: people can be more important than profits; can put team interests ahead of results

4. Dealmaker – the rainmaker
+ve: great at seeing the value in putting people together, and creating a win-win, building relationships
-ve: can’t find them, they’re always out there ‘schmoozing’ & looking for new deals

5. Trader – the closer
+ve: Always know the best price available, great at closing the deal at the perfect time
-ve: Very deal-centred; not good at coming up with new things

6. Accumulator – the analyst
+ve: Always looking for the value hidden in the data, prepared to play the ‘long game’
-ve: Over-analytical, can slow a project down

7. Lord – the cashflow king
+ve: Always knows where the cash is in the deal, and how to appropriate it
-ve: Can be very detached, not very good with people

8. Mechanic – the systems person
+ve: Creates a system and process, systematizes everything, ensures everything runs smoothly
-ve: System is more important than people; constantly tinkering to improve it

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Talent Dynamics profiles

I was very pleased indeed to discover that I am a Creator and that this was not being fully utilised by the way I was working in my business. I was forcing myself to do all the admin work and leaving little or no time for my creative talent. I have since engaged my book keeper to do more of my accounting and also in the process of hiring a virtual PA to do a lot of the admin that was cramping my flow. I look forward to the coming months and the positive effects this change brings. Thank you for bringing this to my attention, it has been hugely useful and I’m sure bring great success.

Suzy Pool
Suzy Pool Coaching

Michelle Clarke explains the profiles round the Talent Dynamics square