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How’s your motivation?

Essentially, there are two forms of motivation: Motivation AWAY FROM some undesired outcome (eg “I don’t want to be broke”) Motivation TOWARDS some desired outcome (eg “I am heading for financial freedom”) AWAY FROM motivation has a problem: it is most effective when you are close to the thing you want to avoid, and as…

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Sometimes it’s really hard to focus!

Focus on fitness

I got up bright & early today, and went straight out to the gym.  Rather unusual for me on a Saturday morning, but having committed to do the 3 Peaks Challenge in August, I’m focused on increasing my overall fitness, and especially stamina.  On Thursday, the lovely-but-sadistic Zoe took me through my paces and designed…

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Blimey, that was closer than I thought!

I learned something really scary at the end of last year. I can’t remember how it came up in conversation.  I just remember what she said.  My Mum, that is. “You were so lucky not to lose that leg!” Whaaaat??! “Oh, didn’t we tell you, the doctor said if you’d had your accident six months…

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Loving Work: Working for pay, or getting paid to work?

Loving Work If you’re going to make a living doing what you love, you’re going to need to be paid.  Otherwise it’s just a hobby – maybe one you absolutely love, but a hobby nonetheless.  My friend and guide Nick Williams says there’s a difference between working for pay, and getting paid to work.  Working…

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What’s your higher purpose?

Life Purpose image

Loving Your Work: Motivation Many people think that they will be happy in their job if they can just get paid a bit more.  In my experience, and from what clients and colleagues tell me, that’s rarely the case.  The whole point of my mission to help you to do what you love for a…

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Change, Complexity, Competition

Business Strategy Coaching I think it was Peter Drucker who said that the major challenges facing businesses today are accelerating change, increasing complexity and ever multiplying competition.  For me, those are all reasons to focus: Focus on one area so you can see the changes in your niche before others do, and create an offering…

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Wealth Dynamics: When is a shortcut not a shortcut?

When talking about Wealth Dynamics, Roger Hamilton points out that successful people follow radically different paths to wealth.  Bill Gates and Warren Buffett – for years the #1 and #2 richest men in the world – have completely different ways of being successful. Gates had all his eggs in one basket, relying on innovating within…

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Shortcut or direct route?

Life Purpose Like many of us, I’ve spent a fair chunk of the last few years looking for that elusive short-cut to wealth & success. In a conversation last week with one of my more enlightened clients, Malcolm Tullett, it came to me in a flash: if you’re taking a short-cut, by definition you’re off…

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Where’s your focus?

We’ve all heard it said so many times it’s almost corny, and it’s still true – you get what you focus on. Not magically – by a lot of effort. And that effort is directed by what you focus on. So if you’re focussing on getting a new car, you’ll spot opportunities to get it…

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“Action always starts with calculation”

These days we are constantly harangued with the need to take action, not to just sit around wishing for good things to come to our business, LoA-style.  But what about the need to plan, to analyse the opportunity, to truly understand how to get the most out of our best opportunities? I’m just reviewing a…

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