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The importance of getting clear on what you want to achieve, and focusing on it

Top Tips for Focus Day-to-Day

Right, so let’s assume for now that you’ve sorted out what your long-term focus is, that big goal that is what it’s all for, the reason why you get up every morning with a delightful feeling that your Focus is clear, you know exactly what it is.  Otherwise, you’d still be working on it, right,…

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What’s Your Purpose? – Richard Jacobs

I went through Richard Jacob’s “What’s Your Purpose” exercise HERE the other evening. It’s a very powerful process – I was surprised at some of what came out (and I’m used to this kind of stuff!).  I did it because I thought it would be interesting to see how other practitioners approach the subject, but…

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Choose Your Focus

Focus Coaching: My latest talk on Focus, this is a practice version for an event:

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Busy Fool to Busy Cool

Busy Fool Two Thumbs Up

People tell me that naming my business “The Busy Fool” is a mistake, because it’s a negative.  I disagree – I think being a Busy Fool is really cool.  If you do it well … No-one ever made a success of their life without getting a little bit busy – activity is essential to achieving…

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How’s your motivation?

Essentially, there are two forms of motivation: Motivation AWAY FROM some undesired outcome (eg “I don’t want to be broke”) Motivation TOWARDS some desired outcome (eg “I am heading for financial freedom”) AWAY FROM motivation has a problem: it is most effective when you are close to the thing you want to avoid, and as…

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Sometimes it’s really hard to focus!

Focus on fitness

I got up bright & early today, and went straight out to the gym.  Rather unusual for me on a Saturday morning, but having committed to do the 3 Peaks Challenge in August, I’m focused on increasing my overall fitness, and especially stamina.  On Thursday, the lovely-but-sadistic Zoe took me through my paces and designed…

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Blimey, that was closer than I thought!

I learned something really scary at the end of last year. I can’t remember how it came up in conversation.  I just remember what she said.  My Mum, that is. “You were so lucky not to lose that leg!” Whaaaat??! “Oh, didn’t we tell you, the doctor said if you’d had your accident six months…

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Good decisions

This post is adapted from Chapter D of my new book “The Busy Fool’s A to Z of Loving Work” Decisions are much easier to make when you have clarity about what you are really trying to achieve. It’s often said, in the success literature, that wealthy people tend to make decisions quickly, and change…

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The three I’s of a good idea

3i image

Anyone who has known me for more than a couple of years will know how keen I used to be on left-brain analysis of, well, pretty much everything.  Certainly of ideas and business opportunities, I’d want to analyse them to the nth degree, to cover all the bases, to understand every possible downside.  And more…

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The Scientist & The Philosopher

A bit of humour here, courtesy of Sunil Bali ( A scientist and a philosopher were being chased by a hungry lion. The scientist made some quick calculations, he said “it’s no good trying to outrun it, its catching up”. The philosopher kept a little ahead and replied “I’m not trying to outrun the lion,…

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