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Choose Your Focus

Focus Coaching: My latest talk on Focus, this is a practice version for an event:

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The Busy Fool on Moments of Light Radio Show

My friend and guide/mentor Tom Evans kindly invited me to share what I know and what I’ve worked out on his regular Monday evening show on The Barefoot Broadcast, “Moments of Light” – here’s the recording of it.  We range far and wide through the topic, and the core message is that we really all…

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Focus Video

Business Strategy Coaching for New Entrepreneurs: Here’s a 10 minute video of my “4Sight” talk on Focus at Liverpool Street 4N Breakfast Networking ( To download the handout I mention, go here:

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Strategy coaching video: F.O.C.U.S.

Business Strategy Coaching: FOCUS Or, Follow One Course Until Successful. More to follow soon 🙂

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Why Focus is important (video)

Business Strategy Coaching You may have read my post on the importance of Focus – well here’s a video version 🙂

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AUDIO: Why Focus Is Important in Business

Here’s an MP3 of a talk I gave recently on why focus is important to any successful person: Why Focus Is Important Note: in the talk I say that I think Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi is management professor at Sloan – he’s actually at Drucker in Southern California. Click on the title to access the audio

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