Sitting on a train the other evening, I noticed that someone had scratched graffitti into the glass window. As I looked at it, trying to decipher what it said, I found myself getting increasingly angry, as I noticed that the window was covered with odd little scratchings.

I was angry at the yobs who had felt a need to make their mark on the world by defiling the pristine clarity of the glass. In my mind I railed at the stupidity of these people – I mean, who do they think they are, ruining my view through the glass with their inane scribblings? What sort of a world do I live in?

The train clattered and jerked across some points, shaking me from my private rant. I noticed that the sun had broken through the clouds, a single shaft of sunlight striking a beautiful old church on a wooded hill. I smiled to myself, taking in the splendour of the English countryside on a late summer’s evening. What a wonderful world I live in!

Then it dawned on me – I was still in the same world, in the same seat at the same window. But now I was looking past the ugly graffiti. Nothing had changed, except where I had chosen to put my focus!

How many times do you find yourself focussing on the wrong things?

Andrew Horder
Andrew Horder

Founder of the blog at, Andrew has been working with business owners for many years, helping them find and maintain their unique Focus - those activities and opportunities that they love, and will produce their success, what Andrew calls your Joyful Genius! Andrew's first book, The Busy Fool's a to Z of Loving Work is available from Amazon

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