Loving work: Are you a joy-stealer?

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Loving work: there’s someone for every task Some of us love spreadsheets and analysis.  Some folks love going out networking and talking to loads of people.  Some like working one-to-one with people in coaching, counselling or consulting.  Some love messing about with computers, keeping them running and defending them against hacking and virus attacks.  And…

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What’s your higher purpose?

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Loving Your Work: Motivation Many people think that they will be happy in their job if they can just get paid a bit more.  In my experience, and from what clients and colleagues tell me, that’s rarely the case.  The whole point of my mission to help you to do what you love for a…

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Great video from Reckless Tortuga What unfounded assumptions do you make, and how do they get in your way?

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Today Only!! The answer to life, the universe and everything!!

Today, 10/10/10 translates as 101010, which, in binary equates to 42 in decimal – and that’s the answer to life, the universe and everything, according to the Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Universe!

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If you want to be a leader …

I had a thought today, in the shower. I was pondering how to get the concepts behind Opportunity Management in general and Opportunity Matrix™ in particular more widely known, how to get my ideas out there. In short, as I have big plans beyond just opportunity management, how to become a leader. 

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