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Several interesting developments in the world of TheBusyFool.com this month.  Firstly, after a fascinating chat over a beer, Tom Evans, author of Blocks, Flavours of Thought and The Art and Science of Lightbulb Moments (release date June 2011), agreed to share some of his thoughts with us under the category “Tomfoolery and Tomcoolery” (see the sidebar on the category page for the thinking behind that).  Tom’s going to be appearing on stage later this year with Brian Tracy and Mark Victor Hansen (of “Chicken Soup…” fame) at the Ultimate Business Summit 2011 – with that line-up of speakers, it has to be worth a look.  And then Tom invited me onto his Moments of Light radio show on The Barefoot broadcast, to talk about doing what you love for a living – Tom’s show starts about an hour into this recording of the Monday evening broadcast.

Meanwhile, there are a few other events coming up that your network might like to know about.  I’m involved in all of them in some way, either as presenter or as part of the team running them.  They’re all in London, I know that may not be the closest city to you – I bet you have some good contacts close by though!

Focus WorkshopFocus On Your Success May 13th, London

This is my first solo workshop, aimed at getting people focused on the things that will really get them where they want to go.  Starting with why you’re here on the planet at all, through what do you love doing, to what you are so good at, people will happily pay you to do what you love enough to do it for free.

That’s right: fulfilling your life’s purpose AND getting paid to have fun!  And when you’re having fun, you’re more effective and you achieve more – how’s that for an outcome?

If that sounds good to you, but you can’t get to London, click here to be the first in the queue when I’ve turned it into a home study pack that you can follow in the comfort of your own home or office.  Or if you – and those people in your network – can get to London on May 13, just click below for more details.

Focus On Your Success May 13th, London

Transform Your Redundancy May 7th – 8th, London

With all the turmoil going on in the worlds of finance and work right now, we all know people who are worried for their jobs.  Well, I’ve been through four redundancies, and I’ve realised that every time I’ve come out better off!  So have most of my friends.

So Peter Wilford & I have created this two-day intensive workshop to show people how to create opportunity out of adversity.  It’s not just for people who have had the layoff notice, it’s also for anyone who could get the chance to take a payoff, and wants to know – in advance – what to do about it.

In other words, take a short-cut, avoid the mistakes we’ve seen people make, and turn your redundancy into the best opportunity since you left school.

Once again, if you can’t get to London for 7/8 May, fill in your details here and we’ll make sure you’re the first to know when the home study version comes out.  Or if you want to come to the live workshop (recommended, of course!), just click below.

Transform Your Redundancy May 7th – 8th, London

Ultimate Profit Factor seminarThe Ultimate Profit Factor, May 5th London

This multi-speaker event is going to be different – Tamar Peters, the incredible lady behind it, has promised me it’s not going to be the normal ‘pitch-fest’.  Yes, the speakers will be offering the chance to delve deeper into their subjects with them – and they’re committed first of all to delivering great content about all aspects of business and making more profit.

Tamar’s ‘The Profit Factor’ event page at the Top Speaker Events website tells you much more than I could ever fit here, just click on the link to find out all you need to know.

The Ultimate Profit Factor, May 5th London

That’s it for the events, and there’s a couple of new download products I wanted to tell you about, one I’ve created and one I use and recommend.

The Busy Fool’s A to Z of Loving Work

We all deserve to spend our working life doing what you love, in fact I’d say, you have a duty to enjoy what you do for a living.  This simple guide will help you figure out how to enjoy making a living doing what you love.

Want to do what you love what you do for a living?

Tired of slogging away at work that just doesn’t light you up?

Certain that there has to be more to work (and life) than all this hassle?

Then The A to Z of Loving Work is exactly what you need right now!

A to Z of Loving Work ebookNo doubt you’re like all of us – you want to do something you love for a living.  Life’s for too short to spend half your waking hours doing something that doesn’t bring you joy.  Yet somehow, it’s all too easy to slip off the path isn’t it, to end up doing all sorts of work that you don’t really choose, to become a Busy Fool?

I started writing this ebook to provide other individuals finding it hard to focus on the work they love, other people in business finding themselves torn between making the money and enjoying life, in short, other Busy Fools like me, with a guide to understanding all the many aspects of doing what you love for a living.  And in the process, I found a number of ways I could improve my own working life, and get even more joy from making a living doing work I love.

By the end of this ebook you will:

  • Know what work you want to do, and what you don’t
  • Understand what your core values and drivers are
  • Learn how to deal with demanding bosses and clients – and NOT piss them off!
  • Stop feeling guilty about saying ‘no’ to work that’s not right for you
  • Realise that your best work is always the work that you totally love to do
  • Wake up on Monday mornings thinking “Great! I get to do some work today!”

The Busy Fool’s A to Z of Loving Work

The Wellspring of Success

A while back I got a call from hypnotherapist Trevor Emdon, telling me about this great new product he’d created.  I downloaded it, did the exercises, watched the video, listened to the audio, and then put on the hypnosis mp3.  And what Trevor says is true … well, I’ll let him put it in his own words:

“Have you ever wished you could…

*    Start your own business, (but wouldn’t take the risk)?
*    Fall in love with – and/or be loved by – someone you thought was out of your league?
*    Perform some skill to a high standard, such as playing a musical instrument, act in a film or play, learn a language or whatever, but wouldn’t dare to even start because you just didn’t think you’d be any good at it?
*    Own or possess a luxury item such as a beautiful home or car or work of art for example?  (But thought you could never afford such things?)

Did you know your life doesn’t have to be limited like that?

So why do so few people’s dreams become their reality?

It’s because we are conditioned to view problems and not solutions, in essence.  We listen to messages in childhood telling us that some things are ‘impossible.’

Often, as teenagers, we reach for our dreams, suffer a fall and never take a chance again.  Disappointment and perhaps ridicule hurt too much.

These are just a couple of factors that stop people from even attempting to break out of their ’comfort zones’. (Have you ever noticed how uncomfortable living in your comfort zone is?)”

Trevor is a mental health professional who’s studied the human mind and our desires for almost 40 years, and he’s come up with a way of breaking you free of such limitations.

He calls it “The Wellspring of Success” and here’s what you will discover:

*How to clarify your desires and passionately bring them to life.
*How to enter what athletes and other top performers call “The Zone” – at will.
*How to bypass fears – including fear of failure – by making one fundamental shift in your focus!
*How to take control of every aspect of your life – including your moods – rather than feeling at the mercy of them!

– and much, much more.

“The Wellspring of Success” is a toolkit for sculpting your life and shaping your destiny.  Once you’ve got it in your possession you’ll never want to live without it again.

In fact, I’d say you will live *from* it – and you’ll almost certainly want to pass on its wisdom to others.  (Your kids, if you have them, will love you for it!)

What’s more, you can download the manual that explains the whole process for F-R-E-E. I can’t think of a single reason why you wouldn’t grab yourself a copy right now – just click here www.thebusyfool.com/wellspring.

And finally …

I hope you find all this useful and interesting, it’s always a tricky call just how much stuff to put in these messages.  Too much, and people can get overwhelmed, miss something out and people ask why they didn’t hear about it.

Hopefully, I’ve got it about right.

Kind regards


Andrew Horder
Andrew Horder

Founder of the blog at TheBusyFool.com, Andrew has been working with business owners for many years, helping them find and maintain their unique Focus - those activities and opportunities that they love, and will produce their success, what Andrew calls your Joyful Genius! Andrew's first book, The Busy Fool's a to Z of Loving Work is available from Amazon http://andrewhorder.com/amazon-azlw

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