Do your teams all work smoothly together, all pulling in the same direction, communicating effectively all the time?  Or are there constant misunderstandings about targets, goals, even the company mission?  One of the biggest causes of poor results in teams is that each team member is making their own assumptions based on their unique set of filters – filters generated by their unique experience, passion and purpose.

The Focus Coaching tools used at The Busy Fool can help to clarify those differences in perspective amongst the team, and how each team member can contribute greatest value to the whole.


The overall effect is that the team acquires a common language and a common perspective, reducing misunderstanding and conflict, and significantly increasing team alignment and results – tools used show improvements of anything up to 200% greater performance.

Coaching Program

Team Magic is a highly interactive program designed to ensure each team member is able to contribute their maximum to the overall effort in a culture of Trust and Flow, leveraging the team’s individual brilliance to create a magic that is genuinely greater than the sum of the parts.