Talent Dynamics Profile Debrief

A detailed explanation of your individual profile report

The 18-page report that comes with your Talent Dynamics Profile Test gives you all the basics about your profile's strengths and challenges, what sort of work is best for you, and the kind of well-known people who share your profile - in short it gives you what you need to know to make use of it.

Make Your Profile Work For You

... and many people find they would like to have a more detailed insight into how their profile works in their individual situation.
A Profile Debrief means you can get the answers to important questions like:

  • How can I best use my profile to stay in Flow?
  • What if I have to do work that doesn't suit my profile?
  • Who should I bring into my team to best support my success?
  • What if I don't agree with something in the profile description?
  • ... and anything else you want to know

This 45-minute private one-to-one session by phone or Skype gives you the opportunity to ask anything you like - there is a basic structure to each debrief, and the important thing is always that you get all your questions answered and you get to work in your Flow from now onwards

The 45m personal debrief is done by phone or Skype after you complete your profile test.  For the extra value a debrief adds to your understanding of your profile and how to stay in Flow, it is very affordable :

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(not including Profile Test)