One of the big things about avoiding being a Busy Fool, is NOT trying to do the things you’re not so good at. Wealth Dynamics is a profiling tool developed to understand where and how each person most easily adds value to an enterprise.  It is particularly aimed at helping entrepreneurs put together a team of founders that covers all the styles needed to create a winning business (for employees, there is also the closely related Talent Dynamics profile, which helps you see how to add most value to your team).

I use it to help clients to understand where to focus their own time and effort, and to find the team members who will best support them in creating a powerful and sustainable business.

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As an “Accumulator” myself, I am highly analytical, and very well suited to working with “Creators”, the kind of people who have 15 ideas a minute and want to do them all – Busy Fools, really!   Busy Fool Creators hate to let anything drop – and Wealth Dynamics can be the way they keep more balls in the air, by forging well-matched teams for all their bright ideas!

Wealth Dynamics entrepreneur profiling

My particular view of each profile
(for Roger’s more detailed view, go here: Wealth Dynamics Profiles)

1. Creator – the ideas person
+ve: always coming up with new ideas
-ve: moves on before they’re finished (or even half-started)

2. Star – the “front-man”
+ve: loves to be the centre of attention, great for promoting ideas
-ve: very focussed on themselves and how they stay in the limelight, can be aloof

3. Supporter – the team-builder
+ve: great with people and a good leader, ideal CEO
-ve: people can be more important than profits, can put team interests ahead of shareholders

4. Dealmaker – the rainmaker
+ve: great at seeing the value in putting people together, and creating a win-win, building relationships
-ve: can’t find them, they’re always out there ‘schmoozing’ & looking for new deals

5. Trader – the closer
+ve: Always know the best price available, great at closing the deal at the right time
-ve: Very deal-centred, can be a bit cold

6. Accumulator – the analysist
+ve: Always looking for the value hidden in the data, prepared to play the ‘long game’
-ve: Over-analytical, can slow a project down

7. Lord – the cashflow king
+ve: Always knows where the cash is in the deal, and how to appropriate it
-ve: Can be very clinical, not very good with people

8. Mechanic – the systems person
+ve: Creates a system and process, systematizes everything, ensures everything runs smoothly
-ve: System is more important than people, constantly tinkering to improve it

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