Welcome to the community of PROUD entrepreneurs!

PROUD is the daily review process I use (see this post: What have you done today to make yourself feel proud?).  Then I adapted it for use as a yearly review (see this post: Proud of 2011, proud for 2011?), and realised that making commitments publicly is a great way to stick to them.  These are not ‘New Years Resolutions’, they are intended to be a commitment to yourself to make the progress you intend over the next 12 months.

So why not Make 2011 the year you stop being a Busy Fool – make your PROUD commitments for the year by commenting below.

Don’t forget, for PROUD commitments:

P = whatever you are committing to Prepare for your future during 2011 If you haven’t yet got your PROUD Yearly Review template, fill in your details here:
R = whatever you are committing to make happen, or Realise, for your present in 2011
O = those challenges you’ve been allowing to hold you back that you commit to Overcome in 2011
U = things about the world or about yourself that you commit to Understand in 2011
D = the outrageous goals you’re committing to Dare to believe you can achieve in 2011

Make YOUR PROUD commitments below: