I made a pact with myself:

[warning_box]No dreamers, only people with dreams
– and a commitment to realise them![/warning_box]

So before we book your slot, there’s a small piece of preparation to do first.

This “homework” is your commitment to making your dreams happen, and making the dedicated time we spend in your personal Power Focus session massively effective.  Because you have already answered the basic questions – for yourself – I don’t need to waste your time in the session asking stock questions – so we can get down to the unique aspects of your individual dream, and how you focus on it.

[pullquote cite=”TheBusyFool”]Remember, as with anything, how much you put in determines how much you get out, so honour your remarkable dreams by spending as much time as you need to answer the questions completely and concisely[/pullquote]

[download_box]Complete the details in the form below, and press the “Submit Survey” button.
You can enlarge the text boxes to enter as much text as you need to.  I expect you to expand them!

Then we’ll be in touch over the next few days to arrange a time for your Power Focus session[/download_box]
[simple_box]Before investing your time in completing the form, I suggest you visit these pages and blogs, to get a better feel for who I am, and why you might like to spend your time working with me:

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