As careers progress, we often find ourselves following paths quite different to those we set out on, doing something we really hadn’t planned on doing.  Sometimes that’s great – you end up in a job you love, doing work you love, with people who inspire you.  And sometimes you end up in a job you hate, that you never planned for, and working with people you just don’t get on with.  And you feel stuck, unable to move on because the mortgage has to be paid and the family has to be fed.

  • As an employee, one of the biggest obstacles to finding enjoyment in your work is not really understanding
    what work brings you joy.

Truly understanding two aspects of work makes it so much easier to plan your next move, one that will see you thoroughly loving your work, doing what you love for a living and making a living doing what you love.

The first is what you are doing when you are at your absolute best, the second is what roles and activities allow you to be in flow more of the time, those things that you love to do and are naturally talented at.

Coaching Programs

There are two programs suitable for Executives:

Take Back My Life! – for busy executives who are finding their job has taken over their life, leaving them little time for the things the career was supposed to enable

From Stuck to Unstoppable! – for those who are struggling to make the sort of progress they know must be possible, and working too hard for the career results they are not achieving!

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