I firmly believe that we all deserve to love what we do for a living – especially those who have taken the courageous step of setting up a new business.  Because I passionately believe that, because I have literally thousands of hours in corporates, and because I have set up and run my own businesses, that means my business coaching clients not only get the results they deserve, they also love the process of getting there.

  • One of the biggest challenges all entrepreneurs face is deciding which activities and opportunities
    are the right ones to be focusing on.

At a business level, that means figuring out which are going to be the right opportunities for you, the ones that answer those two Big Business Questions: how much do we want to do this, and will we make any money at it!

At a personal level, that means identifying which activities you are the best in the bsuiness to do, and which are better done by someone else – and whether that means outsourcing, taking on new staff, or finding business partners.

Coaching Programs

There are two programs suitable for Entrepreneurs:

Take Back My Life! – for business owners who are finding their business has taken over their life, leaving them little time for the things they set it up for in the first place.

From Stuck to Unstoppable! – for those who are struggling to make the sort of progress they know must be possible, and working too hard for the results they are not achieving!

To find out which one is right for you, click below to arrange a chat with a Focus coach, or call 020 8144 2423 right now!


Satisfaction Guaranteed!

If you ever feel that what you get from working with TheBusyFool is less than utterly superb value, you just tell me what you need to put it right, and I’ll do whatever it takes to get you the results you were looking for.

And if you still don’t agree it was worth what you paid, then all you ever pay is what it was worth to you … that’s a promise!