“There is no man living who isn’t capable of doing more than he thinks he can do.” Henry Ford

Achievement through coaching

No, that’s not me – but I DID do the fire-walk!

What do you think of Ford’s comment – is anyone really using their Joyful Genius to the full?  Are you?  I still remember when the talented and very challenging Nick Heap (great coach, btw) took me through the second part of what we now call Core Being, and we identified my Core Purpose, ‘resonance’, I got all animated talking about it.

I was excited about how great it would be if someone could get humans to all pull together, removing the friction of conflict at all levels, and truly achieve our potential, with our freed-up minds now able to combine in a whole that would be larger than the sum of its parts, creating a resonance that might even allow us to use the 90% of our neurology we aren’t using right now …

… and Nick fixed me with a look that I knew meant I was about to be challenged:

“Someone?” he asked. “Why not you?”

Oh SH*T!

The Why of My Joyful Genius

So, that’s now what my Joyful Genius is all about – getting people doing work that they love, not just for its own sake, but to remove friction from their lives.  Because if everyone was doing work that they loved, joyfully and generously, half of the daily crap would disappear, the petty politics and arguments, leaving us free to be completely in our flow all that time, just creating, changing, adding value to other people.

A good use of my Joyful Genius

That’s what I call good use of my Joyful Genius!  What’s a great use of yours – what would allow you to achieve more than you believe, right now, that you can?

And, of course, to really use your Joyful Genius, you need to be taking action – no matter how clearly you understand your Joyful Genius, how pure and lofty your Core Purpose is, high much it’s needed in the world, if you don’t do something with it, you will never achieve even what you think you can!  So if you want to live up to Henry Ford’s (over-?)expectations of your ability – get out there and do something with your Joyful Genius!

Andrew Horder
Andrew Horder

Founder of the blog at TheBusyFool.com, Andrew has been working with business owners for many years, helping them find and maintain their unique Focus - those activities and opportunities that they love, and will produce their success, what Andrew calls your Joyful Genius! Andrew's first book, The Busy Fool's a to Z of Loving Work is available from Amazon http://andrewhorder.com/amazon-azlw

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