Want to do what you love what you do for a living?

Tired of slogging away at work that just doesn’t light you up?

Certain that there has to be more to work (and life) than all this hassle?

Then The A to Z of Loving Work is exactly what you need right now!

A to Z of Loving Work ebookNo doubt you’re like all of us – you want to do something you love for a living. Life’s for too short to spend half your waking hours doing something that doesn’t bring you joy. Yet somehow, it’s all too easy to slip off the path isn’t it, to end up doing all sorts of work that you don’t really choose, to become a Busy Fool?

I started writing this ebook to provide other individuals finding it hard to focus on the work they love, other people in business finding themselves torn between making the money and enjoying life, in short, other Busy Fools like me, with a guide to understanding all the many aspects of doing what you love for a living. And in the process, I found a number of ways I could improve my own working life, and get even more joy from making a living doing work I love.

My core focus for the last few years has been Focus. Getting business owners and entrepreneurs to focus on their best opportunities, the opportunities that they will enjoy doing and will get them where they want to go. Because it’s that focus that creates results, giving enough attention to their core activities, that they love and will produce their success. It’s clear to me that a major factor in how successful people are, is how much joy they find in their work. So I’ve made it my business to understand what makes work enjoyable for people in business.

And to share that with those who need to know.

Loving work - Ecstatic businessmanBy the end of this ebook you will:

  • Know what work you want to do, and what you don’t
  • Understand what your core values and drivers are
  • Learn how to deal with demanding bosses and clients – and NOT piss them off!
  • Stop feeling guilty about saying ‘no’ to work that’s not right for you
  • Realise that your best work is always the work that you totally love to do
  • Wake up on Monday mornings thinking “Great! I get to do some work today!”

If that sounds like the sort of work world you’d like to inhabit, you need to read this simple guide right now! Set out as a handy A-Z guide, it’s designed so that you can dip in and out of it, just using the parts that you need it right now – there’s a time for everything, and it’s all useful stuff. From telling your boss or a client you can’t do what they want, to understanding what really makes you tick, to working out what it really is that people pay you for, this is your instruction manual for a happy, joyful work life.

So what would it be worth to you, to spend every day doing work you truly love?




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