Plan your Procrastination!

Focus tips - plan important tasks

We all know that procrastination is bad, don’t we?  And so is distraction, right? Huh!??  So we have to stay focused, AND we have to do stuff straight away?? Well, obviously not!  Even the most important of tasks can be put off until the right time, that’s not procrastination. So what is procrastinating? Procrastinating is…

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Success from Baby Steps

Loving work - Ecstatic businessman

My friend and mentor Nick Williams is always reminding me about taking baby steps, one small imporvement at a time, to get to whatever goal I set myself.  He’s right, of course, and a recent e-mail from Mike Litman got me thinking – Mike was saying that we shouldn’t be trying to make massive laps,…

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Great video on procrastination

Of course, you’ve never done this, have you? No, I thought not … after all, you’re not a busy fool, spinning your wheels and wondering why dis-traction keeps stopping you getting traction, are you?  

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