“The 5 Key Things You Can and MUST Do To Make
Your Work A Rewarding and Profitable Joy in 2014 And Beyond”



Tuesday Oct 7th
7 PM UK Time
2 PM Eastern Time
11 AM Pacific

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  • 1

    Learn why your Joyful Genius is the key to your success

  • 2

    Get techniques to identify what people really value in your work

  • 3

    Understand how following your passion will mean more money, less hassle, more fun!

  • 4

    Understand why it is selfish NOT to seek opportunities to use your brilliance

  • 5

    Create an individual plan to spend every day doing work you truly love AND GET WELL PAID FOR IT

Andrew Horder

Andrew Horder is an author, coach and NLP Master Practitioner helping entrepreneurs and executives discover their genius, those activities and opportunities that they really love, and that will produce their lasting success. Founder of and creator of the innovative Opportunity Matrix prioritisation tool, Andrew brings to his work an unusual combination of deep logical analysis and an abiding interest in people and their human motivations. His first book, “The Busy Fool’s A to Z of Loving Work” is available from Amazon.

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