Last weekend, I attempted the 3 Peaks Challenge* – ascending Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon, the highest mountains in Scotland, England and Wales respectively. During the trip, and while pushing myself to get up (and down), I learned some things about myself, and the world. These I’ll be sharing here in a series of blogs over the course of this week.

View of lake from Scafell pikeDay Two still, still at the summit of Scafell Pike:  So Hugh’s thigh is in full-on cramp, requiring a delay of some 20 minutes to take on water, glucose tablets, salt, and Ben’s magic magnesium cream – I so wish I’d thought to get a video of Hugh applying that to his thigh a few yards down from England’s highest peak 🙂

There’s another quick lesson here: in our rush to get off the mountain, to get out of the cold wind, to stay on schedule, we’d forgotten Lesson Six: More haste, less speed!  By pushing Hugh’s body to give more than it was ready for, we inadvertently created a delay much greater than if we’d allowed another 5 minutes’ rest.  Because now, having cramped, Hugh had to be careful all the way down too – so as well as the 20 minutes kicking our heels waiting for the cramp to pass, we also had a slower descent.  And yes, it was good old Ben who kept the back-markers company again – including me at the end of the descent.

But that’s another story and another lesson …


* Lite version, over 2 days.

Andrew Horder
Andrew Horder

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