Double Thames traditional camping skiff, 8.2m, cedar, fast, light. Perfect for day trips and longer cruises in the English summer when it arrives!

  • Built c. 1930 by Duntons of Shepperton
  • 8.2m cedar hull
  • Four Aylings sculls
  • Full camping cover
  • Day cover (slightly damaged & repaired)
  • Caned coxswain's seat
  • Custom top box - fits behind the coxswains seat and has a lid which converts into an onboard dining table!
  • Cushions / fitted carpet
  • Six spare thole pins
  • Custom trailer, built by Roger Hardy


A lovely boat, great for traditional outings, been out a lot with Thames Traditional Boat Society (TTBS), and has also been used for what she was built for, camping voyages – rather fun!

Here’s what the present owner says about her:

“I bought her c. 2014 from Roger Hardy, who had owned her for at least 30 years. She was in perfect condition considering her age and only needed a couple of coats of varnish, for mostly cosmetic reasons but also to ensure that she didn’t take on, as she had been in storage in Roger’s barn for some years previously. Roger always kept her in tip top condition and took part in the TTBS cruises regularly until he became too old to scull her any distance.”

“Since I bought her she’s been berthed at Port Fonty, the TTBS boathouse at Caversham, where she still is and hasn’t ever been stored out of doors as far as I can tell, since Roger restored her some 30 years ago. All I’ve had to do is give her a couple of coats of varnish from time to time. The only repairs I ever had to get done is when I broke one scull and then had all four scull tips replaced in ash by Ray Underwood of Radley College boathouse.”

Offers around £5,000