Kaspersky hogging resources

Kaspersky Total Security started hogging CPU resources immediately after the New Year.  It was not until 13th Jan that they offered a supposed fix.  By that time, I had given up.

Kaspersky crashing my laptop

The problem was so severe that I frequently (at the peak, as often as once per hour) had to reboot a machine that was effectively frozen

Kaspersky very poor service

After EIGHT days of this behaviour, Kaspersky finally offered a solution - by which time I had given up and got back to working efficiently bu uninstalling Kaspersky and using Bitdefender.

Kaspersky refused refund

Kaspersky's response to my request for a pro-rata refund (I wasn't even asking for any recompense for my time in providing them with data to help them find a fix): sorry, you haven't given us enough opportunity to fix it - after EIGHT days!!!

The full support thread:

(Read from the bottom up)


17-01-2016 [10:10]

So, to be clear: Kaspersky believe that it is within the terms of business that a customer should experience machine-stop problems as frequently as hourly, and not expect a resolution within EIGHT days.

**Please advise the particular clause in your terms of business which makes this OK **

Note that I am, at this point, making no claim for recompense for the lost working time, nor for the time spent providing Kaspersky with multiple log files and descriptions of the circumstances. Of what appears to have been a known issue, hence this long-awaited "fix".

Technical Support

13-01-2016 [10:15]

I am very sorry to hear that. This morning we released our updated version of Kaspersky Total Security - the one we discussed a couple of days ago "the fix" as I mentioned previously. This build includes many fixes and I am sure that if you give it a try, your previous issues be resolved once and for all.

Technically for a refund to be processed, you'll need to be within our 14-refund policy where no questions are asked. However when you're outside of this time frame, Kaspersky must has exhausted all troubleshooting options with you. If the issue cannot be resolved by Kaspersky, we can honor a pro-rated refund.

I can, if you wish as a one-time exception, call you today at 4:00 or 4:30pm and remote into your computer to perform the steps to upgrade you to the latest version. This way, we can ease the process for you.

We would really appreciate you remained with us and accepted my offer to resolve the issue on your behalf as an exception, since this service is not regularly offered. I am confident that it will fix the problem with the CPU usage and you will continue to trust the protection of Kaspersky.

Looking forward to your reply so we can get this sorted out.

Peter Floros

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12-01-2016 [21:52]

It seems that replying to the notification emails does not add it to this thread like most ticket management systems.

Here's what I responded yesterday:

"Sorry I've given up, I cannot be expected to wait so long for a *possible* fix.  I uninstalled KAV and installed BitDefender yesterday - all I want from Kaspersky now is a pro-rata refund.

Please pass this request on to whoever can action it within Kaspersky"

11-01-2016 [12:16]

KTS16.0.1.445en_full.exe - 158,4 MB

Technical Support

11-01-2016 [12:15]

Sorry. The previous email was missing the link to download Kaspersky in part 3. I've now included it.

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Technical Support

11-01-2016 [12:15]

We apologize for the delay responding to you. Every effort is being made to ensure we answer queries within 24 business hours of submission; however this is not always possible due to an increased work load.

Thank you for the analytical emails you've sent and the information provided in the attachments. I don't see anything unusual, as mentioned before. And since the components test didn't make a difference, then please perform the steps found below. It is crucial that all steps are followed to the letter. If you run into any issues or have questions during this process or after, please feel free to reply back to me via email.

Step #1  |  Create a System Restore Point

1. Open System by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, right-clicking Computer, and then clicking Properties.
2. In the left pane, click System protection. Administrator permission required If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
3. Click the System Protection tab, and then click Create.
4. In the System Protection dialog box, type a description, and then click Create.

Step #2  |  Removal of Kaspersky Products & Remnants

1) Download the tool here: http://media.kaspersky.com/utilities/ConsumerUtilities/kavremover.exe
2) Double-click on the downloaded file to run it.
Note: Kavremover may automatically detect any installed Kaspersky product or its remnants, if found, such product is displayed in the lower drop-down menu. In that case, enter the captcha (characters from the picture) into the specified field and proceed with removal.

Step #3  |  RC Build 2016 Installation of Kaspersky

1. Click the link to begin downloading: [link can be found at either the end or beginning of this email]
2. Once the download has been completed, click on it to "Run" or "Open".
3. Follow the on-screen instructions to install Kaspersky.
4. When asked for your activation code, enter: 83KU8-15PJH-AP5UX-V9YGU and activate.

Once the above steps have been performed, please try to replicate the issue and let me know of the results.
Looking forward to your reply.

Peter Floros

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08-01-2016 [10:18]


Testing some possible causes, after yet another incident this morning with 20mins of booting up.  After yet another reboot, watching video pushed CPU usage up to 100%, with avp.eve contributing 50%+ of that; remained at 50% for about 1min after stopping video, then dropped to 25% for about 2mins, then back to background 0-1%.

Watched a video on Facebook, avp stayed at around 25% for the first minute, then ramped up to 100% and stayed there, even after the video stopped (with 1sec drops to 0% or 50%, but occasional peaks of 200% or even 300%++!), with a kind of "sawtooth" pattern (see image)

Apps running when started: Skype, pamela, LiveDrive, OneDrive, gSyncit, CCcleaner, Chrome. Turned everything off except Chrome, no difference, still at CPU 100% avp.exe using 50-100%+ of that.

uploaded files:


07-01-2016 [22:45]

And again 22:15 or earlier, up to 22:45 and ongoing.

Bored now, going to bed, seems to me it's a known issue your support phone line chose not to admit to.


07-01-2016 [20:33]

And again sometime before 19:23, not quite so crippling this time , I did manage to turn all the components off, but that did not free up the CPU or stop avp.exe running at 90%+ of CPU.

During the outage, a scan and an updated started to be indicated (I noticed when scan was at 32%) so I left it to run - it took until 20:14!!! avp.exe was at avg 88% throughout, and is still at 74% with no updates/scans running.

I am in NO doubt that it is Kaspersky causing this issue, my patience is running very thin.

Is it worth uninstalling Kaspersky Total Security 2016 and reinstalling?  Is there an uninstall utility to ensure anything that has corrupted doesn't remain?

Or, having read in the forum that there are compatibility issues with Outlook (WTF!!!) should I just ask for a refund and get on with my life??

uploaded files:
GetSystemInfo_CB-LP02_Andrew Horder_2_01_07_2016_20_17_11.zip


07-01-2016 [15:58]

Further update: 15:15, problem re-occurred, and the machine response was so slow that after 15mins of trying to get the mouse over the right button to even try to turn KAV off, the only solution was a Ctrl+Alt+Delete restart.

Had this happened during a client call, it would have been very damaging to my business, I need a resolution ASAP.  As it is, I am having spend time on this instead of preparing client work, which is making the "investment" in KAV look extremely poor value.

New GetSystemInfo, with Windows log files attached

uploaded files:
GetSystemInfo_CB-LP02_Andrew Horder_2_01_07_2016_15_45_10.zip


07-01-2016 [14:35]

OK, so I'm interpreting that as meaning that the GetSystemInfo file revealed nothing untoward.

I have performed the steps requested, with the following results:
1) With everything turned off, avp.exe was still running at 50% of CPU
2) When I turned File AV back on, avp.exe usage dropped to 0-1% (this could possibly have been a lagged reaction to turning all protection off - approx 15s ?)
3) I turned everything back on, except Anti-Spam (I use my hosts Spam filter) and Anti-Banner (I find it blocks too much useful stuff), and usage has remained at 0-1%.

I should point out that this is not a constant issue, it triggers at apparently-random times and persists for anything from 15mins to over an hour.  Today it triggered at 12:00 and 13:00 GMT.  Usually there is no scan or update running, although on the last incident, which lasted for over an hour, an update ran during the problem (13:35), followed by a partial scan (stopped - not by me - at 27mins).

So, we are no further forward, except that I can *hope* to be able to do my client work this afternoon, and I have a possible workaround if the problem does recur at a critical time.

I await your suggestions for a more permanent and robust resolution.

Technical Support

07-01-2016 [13:54]

We apologize for the delay responding to you. Every effort is being made to ensure we answer queries within 24 business hours of submission; however this is not always possible due to an increased work load and the holidays recently passing by.

I understand how important it is for your computer to perform at it's peak and we will need to further diagnose this matter with you in order to find out which component is causing this issue. I ask for patience during this time and I promise we will do our best in resolving this matter as quickly as possible.

* Open the main Kaspersky window and go to “Settings” –> "Protection". Here you will find the list of protection components in order. Please turn off all protection components by clicking their switches to the left so that they become red. Switch the first component (File Anti-Virus) 'ON' by clicking the switch to the right.
* Check whether the issue persists.
* If it doesn’t, turn the second component on (Mail Anti-Virus), but leave the first one enabled.
* Keep turning components on one by one until the issue kicks in.

Please specify which component caused the issue.

Looking forward to your reply so we can get this sorted out as quickly as possible.

Peter Floros

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07-01-2016 [13:22]

Twice so far today it has killed PC usability, at 12:00 noon for approx 30mins, again at 13:00 (ongoing) - even causes extreme keyboard lag ((10-15s) making input near-impossible (so excuse typos and weird spelling)

Zip file was sent by email, but I don't see that updated here, so attached again

This is simply unacceptable, severely limiting my ability to use the machine, and I have time-critical client tasks todaysks .

You are very much on borrowed time, this issue was raised 4 days ago!

uploaded files:
GetSystemInfo_CB-LP02_Andrew Horder_2_01_07_2016_10_51_52.zip

Technical Support

07-01-2016 [10:36]

Thank you for contacting the Kaspersky Lab Technical Support.
We would be more than happy to assist you in resolving this matter and we apologize in the delay in responding to you.

My name is Peter and I've been assigned to your case. I will assist you until we've resolved the matter to your satisfaction.

I would like to check the version you have installed on the computer at the moment and depending on what's there, we can continue with appropriate troubleshooting steps.

You can check the version of your Kaspersky installation by opening the main Kaspersky window and clicking on “Support” at the bottom-left corner. The version number can be found next to the line “Application Version” in the format XX.X.X.XXX - <b>If the version installed right now shows 15.x.x.xxx, then please install Kaspersky 2016 under Part A. If the version shows then please proceed to Part B.</b>

Part A | Use these steps if your current version is 15.x.x.xxx

1. Open Programs and Features by clicking the Start button on the bottom left of your screen, clicking Control Panel, clicking Programs, and then clicking Programs and Features.
2. Select the Kaspersky program from the list, choose Uninstall and follow the on-screen prompts.

Once the window wizard has completed, you will be prompted to reboot your computer. Please do so. Upon reboot, follow the steps below to install the new version of Kaspersky:

1. Click the link to begin downloading: http://products.kaspersky-labs.com/products/english/homeuser/kts5/kts16.0.0.614en-gb.exe
2. Once the download has been completed, click on it to "Run" or "Open".
3. Follow the on-screen instructions to install Kaspersky.

Part A | Use these steps if your current version is 16.x.x.xxx

1. Click here to download the diagnostic utility:http://media.kaspersky.com/utilities/ConsumerUtilities/GetSystemInfo6.0.exe
2. Run the GetSystemInfo.exe and click <b> Accept</b>
3. Click on the green <b>Play</b> symbol. The process can take up to 10 minutes and the progress bar may remain below 10% for most of the time. If it takes longer than 15 minutes, please cancel it manually and continue to the next step.
4. A *.zip file with a name similar to this will be saved on your desktop automatically:
eg. GetSystemInfo_PC_Name_Username_Date_Time.zip
5. Please send us that .zip archive containing the report as an attachment in a reply to this email.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Kind Regards,
Peter Floros

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06-01-2016 [23:53]


uploaded files:


06-01-2016 [22:52]



03-01-2016 [23:12]

CPU usage is regularly hitting 100%, avp.exe is using everything not in use by other programs, and it kills system performance, freezes videos etc.  Does not appear to be related to scan schedules, and the Kaspersky task manager is showing no scans in progress.

How do I stop this, it is making your application unusable?