Sometimes it’s really hard to focus!

Focus on fitness

I got up bright & early today, and went straight out to the gym.  Rather unusual for me on a Saturday morning, but having committed to do the 3 Peaks Challenge in August, I’m focused on increasing my overall fitness, and especially stamina.  On Thursday, the lovely-but-sadistic Zoe took me through my paces and designed…

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Blimey, that was closer than I thought!

I learned something really scary at the end of last year. I can’t remember how it came up in conversation.  I just remember what she said.  My Mum, that is. “You were so lucky not to lose that leg!” Whaaaat??! “Oh, didn’t we tell you, the doctor said if you’d had your accident six months…

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The Busy Fool’s A to Z of Loving Work

A to Z of Loving Work

It’s here!  The Busy Fool’s A to Z of Loving Work is now published! Order your copy here – click on the image – or read the first four chapters online FREE We all deserve to do what we love for a living – in a simple A-Z Format, this book will help you achieve…

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Good decisions

This post is adapted from Chapter D of my new book “The Busy Fool’s A to Z of Loving Work” Decisions are much easier to make when you have clarity about what you are really trying to achieve. It’s often said, in the success literature, that wealthy people tend to make decisions quickly, and change…

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